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Browse the items for sale in our shop – a fantastic collection of the weird and wonderful, the mysterious and the magical. All items are available for purchase from the shop located in Mother Shipton’s Park. We will shortly be launching an online ordering facility.

Wishing Wall Water

Price: £4.50

This Wishing Well water has been hand drawn from Mother Shipton’s Dropping Well since 1630. Bottled Wishing Water is available in a variety of colours: green, red, blue, pink or orange.

Please call 01423 864600 to buy some Wishing Well Water.

*Do not drink due to high mineral content. You may turn to stone!

Petrified Teddy

Price: £45.00

A unique gift from the magical Petrifying Well.

This gift has taken over 3 full months to turn into stone! The Petrifying Well at Mother Shipton’s is the oldest visitor attraction in England.

Please call 01423 864600 to buy a Petrified Teddy.

*Each Petrified Teddy is unique, the photo is for reference only.

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