Mother Shipton's Cave and the Petrifying Well, a mesmerizing ancient attraction in Knaresborough, recently took centre stage on the Japanese TV show 'Discovery of the World's Mysteries,' captivating a massive audience 5,754 miles away in Japan. The show, boasts an estimated 2 million viewers and has been a pillar of prime-time programming in Japan since April 19, 1986.

The segment offered a fascinating glimpse into the timeless wonders of Mother Shipton’s Cave, a site steeped in history and legends. The program delved into the enigmatic stories surrounding the cave and the mystique of the Petrifying Well, where objects transform into stone over time.

The show donated two Japanese dolls that have served as beloved mascots for ‘Discovery of the World’s Mysteries’ for over 30 years, to be petrified under the well. One of these iconic dolls now hangs from the Petrifying Well, undergoing its petrification process, while the other finds its place of honour in the attraction’s museum, unpetrified.

Japanese tv show host holding mascots

During the segment, Jay Stelling, a spokesperson for Mother Shipton’s, had the privilege of speaking to the gracious Japanese host. Jay expressed her hope that the exposure on the show would inspire Japanese tourists to venture beyond the major cities and discover hidden gems in the UK, unveiling mysteries and magical places akin to Mother Shipton’s. The enchanting storytelling and rich history showcased on the program offered a fresh perspective on the beloved attraction.

Japanese tv show host with green jumper and dark hair holds a petrified bear

“We were elated to be featured on ‘Discovery of the World’s Mysteries’ and share the timeless charm of Mother Shipton’s with the people of Japan,” Jay Stelling remarked. “Our cave and Petrifying Well hold centuries of intriguing tales, and we hope this exposure will encourage Japanese travellers to explore the lesser-known wonders of the UK and embrace the allure of our ancient heritage.”

blonde girl wearing grey polo shirt holds japanese mascots

With ‘Discovery of the World’s Mysteries’ reaching audiences across Japan through TBS’s nationwide coverage, Mother Shipton’s Cave is poised to receive an influx of curious travellers eager to uncover the secrets of this remarkable destination.


Posted Mon 24 Jul 2023