Our Pixie Village trail is now open for Pre-Booked Car Admissions ONLY

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The Pixie Village event will not include any confined spaces and our actors will not be interacting for this event which will reduce large gatherings of crowds and physical contact. Visitors will be provided with a trail sheet to explore the natural woodland and Pixie Village.
Mother Shipton’s is an outdoor attraction with continual movement of people through the mile-long park, with plenty of outdoor seating and space for visitors to enjoy the ancient woodland. Visitors will have room to continue practising social distancing whilst exploring the attraction. We will be conducting regular cleaning throughout the park, museum, and ticket booths.
We will encourage card transactions in the gift shop, especially contactless card transactions to reduce contact. The gift shop will have a maximum capacity of visitors inside at any time, and queues with a 2-metre distance between patrons will be utilised. From the 24th July, anyone over the age of 11 will need to wear a mask to enter the Museum & Gift Shop unless medically exepmt.
Have you ever dreamt of stepping into an utterly enchanted realm? Deep in the captivating woodland, filled with fairy rings and secret doorways, pixies are waiting to play!
Tread carefully through the land of the woodland people and keep your eyes peeled as you follow the trail to see their tiny houses. Play in the wilderness like real pixie folk, dance like a fluttering fairy and discover the secrets of forest folklore.
Dogs on a lead are welcome at Mother Shipton’s for a picturesque mile-long walk along the River Nidd.
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Posted Mon 18 May 2020