Welcome to England’s oldest visitor attraction!

Over the last 380 years, millions of visitors from all over the world have been mesmerised by the park’s petrifying well and enthralled by Mother Shipton’s mystical birthplace and story.

Mother Shipton’s cave offers schools the chance to experience the  geological phenomenon of the petrifying well  which turns  objects to stone, as  well as to learn about Mother Shipton; England’s most famous prophetess. Mother Shipton’s cave has a great deal of scope with regards to the subjects contained in the National  Curriculum. We now offer a comprehensive range of activities that link to all subjects and to specific objectives of the Curriculum.

Special discount rates apply for school visits. Please call for more information or to arrange a visit, or visit the Contact Us page. 

Mission Statement

Mother  Shipton’s cave is committed to providing out of class learning that acts to enhance and further promote conventional learning undertaken in the classroom. We ensure that the learning materials provided during visits relate directly to the National Curriculum and other statutory frameworks applicable to the learning of children. Finally we aim to provide an experience that will be beneficial to children’s holistic development and will be a trip to remember! 

Booking for schools

Special discount rates apply for school visits. A visit links well with Key Stages 1 to 3 in history, science, geography and English. Please call for more information or to arrange a visit, or Contact Us and leave us a message.

Alternatively you can download a booking form from the Downloads section of this page.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is key to any school trip. This Risk Assessment is a careful examination of the potential hazards on site that could cause  harm to visitors.  View the Risk Assessment pack.


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    2016 Mother Shipton’s Cave Leaflet

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    Teacher’s Pack

    Activities breakdown

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    Teacher’s Risk Assessment


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Child 3-15 years, £4.50 each
Adults free of charge (1 per 10 pupils)
Extra Adults, £5.50 each
Bus Driver, free of charge
Guided Tour (max 25 per tour), £20