The oldest tourist attraction in the UK recently featured on the popular BBC show Bargain Hunt. Mother Shipton's Cave takes centre stage.

On the 13th May, BBC show Bargain Hunt saw Knaresborough tourist attraction Mother Shipton’s Cave take centre stage.

As the cameras rolled, Fiona Martin, the proud owner of Mother Shipton’s Cave, enjoyed in a lively conversation with Bargain Hunt presenter Charlie Ross during the episode.

During the Bargain Hunt film crew’s visit to Mother Shipton’s Cave, the discussion delved into the story around the legend.

In a memorable moment captured on the show, presenter Charlie Ross ceremoniously hung a vibrant red Bargain Hunt jacket on the petrifying well, marking the beginning of its transformation into stone.

Owner Fiona Martin said: “We were excited to see the jacket undergo the petrifying process, alongside so many other well-known names who have donated items to be turned to stone for our collection of petrified curiosities.”

Posted Mon 13 May 2024